* 1.2.0 (2011-09-10)

 * enhanced the exception when a tag remains unclosed
 * added support for empty Countable objects for the "empty" test
 * fixed algorithm that determines if a template using inheritance is valid (no output between block definitions)
 * added better support for encoding problems when escaping a string (available as of PHP 5.4)
 * added a way to ignore a missing template when using the "include" tag ({% include "foo" ignore missing %})
 * added support for an array of templates to the "include" and "extends" tags ({% include ['foo', 'bar'] %})
 * added support for bitwise operators in expressions
 * added the "attribute" function to allow getting dynamic attributes on variables
 * added Twig_Loader_Chain
 * added Twig_Loader_Array::setTemplate()
 * added an optimization for the set tag when used to capture a large chunk of static text
 * changed name regex to match PHP one "[a-zA-Z_\x7f-\xff][a-zA-Z0-9_\x7f-\xff]*" (works for blocks, tags, functions, filters, and macros)
 * removed the possibility to use the "extends" tag from a block
 * added "if" modifier support to "for" loops

* 1.1.2 (2011-07-30)

 * fixed json_encode filter on PHP 5.2
 * fixed regression introduced in 1.1.1 ({{ block(foo|lower) }})
 * fixed inheritance when using conditional parents
 * fixed compilation of templates when the body of a child template is not empty
 * fixed output when a macro throws an exception
 * fixed a parsing problem when a large chunk of text is enclosed in a comment tag
 * added PHPDoc for all Token parsers and Core extension functions

* 1.1.1 (2011-07-17)

 * added a performance optimization in the Optimizer (also helps to lower the number of nested level calls)
 * made some performance improvement for some edge cases

* 1.1.0 (2011-06-28)

 * fixed json_encode filter

* 1.1.0-RC3 (2011-06-24)

 * fixed method case-sensitivity when using the sandbox mode
 * added timezone support for the date filter
 * fixed possible security problems with NUL bytes

* 1.1.0-RC2 (2011-06-16)

 * added an exception when the template passed to "use" is not a string
 * made 'a.b is defined' not throw an exception if a is not defined (in strict mode)
 * added {% line \d+ %} directive

* 1.1.0-RC1 (2011-05-28)

Flush your cache after upgrading.

 * fixed date filter when using a timestamp
 * fixed the defined test for some cases
 * fixed a parsing problem when a large chunk of text is enclosed in a raw tag
 * added support for horizontal reuse of template blocks (see docs for more information)
 * added whitespace control modifier to all tags (see docs for more information)
 * added null as an alias for none (the null test is also an alias for the none test now)
 * made TRUE, FALSE, NONE equivalent to their lowercase counterparts
 * wrapped all compilation and runtime exceptions with Twig_Error_Runtime and added logic to guess the template name and line
 * moved display() method to Twig_Template (generated templates should now use doDisplay() instead)

* 1.0.0 (2011-03-27)

 * fixed output when using mbstring
 * fixed duplicate call of methods when using the sandbox
 * made the charset configurable for the escape filter

* 1.0.0-RC2 (2011-02-21)

 * changed the way {% set %} works when capturing (the content is now marked as safe)
 * added support for macro name in the endmacro tag
 * make Twig_Error compatible with PHP 5.3.0 >
 * fixed an infinite loop on some Windows configurations
 * fixed the "length" filter for numbers
 * fixed Template::getAttribute() as properties in PHP are case sensitive
 * removed coupling between Twig_Node and Twig_Template
 * fixed the ternary operator precedence rule

* 1.0.0-RC1 (2011-01-09)

Backward incompatibilities:

 * the "items" filter, which has been deprecated for quite a long time now, has been removed
 * the "range" filter has been converted to a function: 0|range(10) -> range(0, 10)
 * the "constant" filter has been converted to a function: {{ some_date|date('DATE_W3C'|constant) }} -> {{ some_date|date(constant('DATE_W3C')) }}
 * the "cycle" filter has been converted to a function: {{ ['odd', 'even']|cycle(i) }} -> {{ cycle(['odd', 'even'], i) }}
 * the "for" tag does not support "joined by" anymore
 * the "autoescape" first argument is now "true"/"false" (instead of "on"/"off")
 * the "parent" tag has been replaced by a "parent" function ({{ parent() }} instead of {% parent %})
 * the "display" tag has been replaced by a "block" function ({{ block('title') }} instead of {% display title %})
 * removed the grammar and simple token parser (moved to the Twig Extensions repository)


 * added "needs_context" option for filters and functions (the context is then passed as a first argument)
 * added global variables support
 * made macros return their value instead of echoing directly (fixes calling a macro in sandbox mode)
 * added the "from" tag to import macros as functions
 * added support for functions (a function is just syntactic sugar for a getAttribute() call)
 * made macros callable when sandbox mode is enabled
 * added an exception when a macro uses a reserved name
 * the "default" filter now uses the "empty" test instead of just checking for null
 * added the "empty" test

* 0.9.10 (2010-12-16)

Backward incompatibilities:

 * The Escaper extension is enabled by default, which means that all displayed
   variables are now automatically escaped. You can revert to the previous
   behavior by removing the extension via $env->removeExtension('escaper')
   or just set the 'autoescape' option to 'false'.
 * removed the "without loop" attribute for the "for" tag (not needed anymore
   as the Optimizer take care of that for most cases)
 * arrays and hashes have now a different syntax
     * arrays keep the same syntax with square brackets: [1, 2]
     * hashes now use curly braces (["a": "b"] should now be written as {"a": "b"})
     * support for "arrays with keys" and "hashes without keys" is not supported anymore ([1, "foo": "bar"] or {"foo": "bar", 1})
 * the i18n extension is now part of the Twig Extensions repository


 * added the merge filter
 * removed 'is_escaper' option for filters (a left over from the previous version) -- you must use 'is_safe' now instead
 * fixed usage of operators as method names (like is, in, and not)
 * changed the order of execution for node visitors
 * fixed default() filter behavior when used with strict_variables set to on
 * fixed filesystem loader compatibility with PHAR files
 * enhanced error messages when an unexpected token is parsed in an expression
 * fixed filename not being added to syntax error messages
 * added the autoescape option to enable/disable autoescaping
 * removed the newline after a comment (mimicks PHP behavior)
 * added a syntax error exception when parent block is used on a template that does not extend another one
 * made the Escaper extension enabled by default
 * fixed sandbox extension when used with auto output escaping
 * fixed escaper when wrapping a Twig_Node_Print (the original class must be preserved)
 * added an Optimizer extension (enabled by default; optimizes "for" loops and "raw" filters)
 * added priority to node visitors

* 0.9.9 (2010-11-28)

Backward incompatibilities:
 * the self special variable has been renamed to _self
 * the odd and even filters are now tests:
     {{ foo|odd }} must now be written {{ foo is odd }}
 * the "safe" filter has been renamed to "raw"
 * in Node classes,
        sub-nodes are now accessed via getNode() (instead of property access)
        attributes via getAttribute() (instead of array access)
 * the urlencode filter had been renamed to url_encode
 * the include tag now merges the passed variables with the current context by default
   (the old behavior is still possible by adding the "only" keyword)
 * moved Exceptions to Twig_Error_* (Twig_SyntaxError/Twig_RuntimeError are now Twig_Error_Syntax/Twig_Error_Runtime)
 * removed support for {{ 1 < i < 3 }} (use {{ i > 1 and i < 3 }} instead)
 * the "in" filter has been removed ({{ a|in(b) }} should now be written {{ a in b }})

 * added file and line to Twig_Error_Runtime exceptions thrown from Twig_Template
 * changed trans tag to accept any variable for the plural count
 * fixed sandbox mode (__toString() method check was not enforced if called implicitly from complex statements)
 * added the ** (power) operator
 * changed the algorithm used for parsing expressions
 * added the spaceless tag
 * removed trim_blocks option
 * added support for is*() methods for attributes (foo.bar now looks for foo->getBar() or foo->isBar())
 * changed all exceptions to extend Twig_Error
 * fixed unary expressions ({{ not(1 or 0) }})
 * fixed child templates (with an extend tag) that uses one or more imports
 * added support for {{ 1 not in [2, 3] }} (more readable than the current {{ not (1 in [2, 3]) }})
 * escaping has been rewritten
 * the implementation of template inheritance has been rewritten
   (blocks can now be called individually and still work with inheritance)
 * fixed error handling for if tag when a syntax error occurs within a subparse process
 * added a way to implement custom logic for resolving token parsers given a tag name
 * fixed js escaper to be stricter (now uses a whilelist-based js escaper)
 * added the following filers: "constant", "trans", "replace", "json_encode"
 * added a "constant" test
 * fixed objects with __toString() not being autoescaped
 * fixed subscript expressions when calling __call() (methods now keep the case)
 * added "test" feature (accessible via the "is" operator)
 * removed the debug tag (should be done in an extension)
 * fixed trans tag when no vars are used in plural form
 * fixed race condition when writing template cache
 * added the special _charset variable to reference the current charset
 * added the special _context variable to reference the current context
 * renamed self to _self (to avoid conflict)
 * fixed Twig_Template::getAttribute() for protected properties

* 0.9.8 (2010-06-28)

Backward incompatibilities:
 * the trans tag plural count is now attached to the plural tag:
    old: `{% trans count %}...{% plural %}...{% endtrans %}`
    new: `{% trans %}...{% plural count %}...{% endtrans %}`

 * added a way to translate strings coming from a variable ({% trans var %})
 * fixed trans tag when used with the Escaper extension
 * fixed default cache umask
 * removed Twig_Template instances from the debug tag output
 * fixed objects with __isset() defined
 * fixed set tag when used with a capture
 * fixed type hinting for Twig_Environment::addFilter() method

* 0.9.7 (2010-06-12)

Backward incompatibilities:
 * changed 'as' to '=' for the set tag ({% set title as "Title" %} must now be {% set title = "Title" %})
 * removed the sandboxed attribute of the include tag (use the new sandbox tag instead)
 * refactored the Node system (if you have custom nodes, you will have to update them to use the new API)

 * added self as a special variable that refers to the current template (useful for importing macros from the current template)
 * added Twig_Template instance support to the include tag
 * added support for dynamic and conditional inheritance ({% extends some_var %} and {% extends standalone ? "minimum" : "base" %})
 * added a grammar sub-framework to ease the creation of custom tags
 * fixed the for tag for large arrays (some loop variables are now only available for arrays and objects that implement the Countable interface)
 * removed the Twig_Resource::resolveMissingFilter() method
 * fixed the filter tag which did not apply filtering to included files
 * added a bunch of unit tests
 * added a bunch of phpdoc
 * added a sandbox tag in the sandbox extension
 * changed the date filter to support any date format supported by DateTime
 * added strict_variable setting to throw an exception when an invalid variable is used in a template (disabled by default)
 * added the lexer, parser, and compiler as arguments to the Twig_Environment constructor
 * changed the cache option to only accepts an explicit path to a cache directory or false
 * added a way to add token parsers, filters, and visitors without creating an extension
 * added three interfaces: Twig_NodeInterface, Twig_TokenParserInterface, and Twig_FilterInterface
 * changed the generated code to match the new coding standards
 * fixed sandbox mode (__toString() method check was not enforced if called implicitly from a simple statement like {{ article }})
 * added an exception when a child template has a non-empty body (as it is always ignored when rendering)

* 0.9.6 (2010-05-12)

 * fixed variables defined outside a loop and for which the value changes in a for loop
 * fixed the test suite for PHP 5.2 and older versions of PHPUnit
 * added support for __call() in expression resolution
 * fixed node visiting for macros (macros are now visited by visitors as any other node)
 * fixed nested block definitions with a parent call (rarely useful but nonetheless supported now)
 * added the cycle filter
 * fixed the Lexer when mbstring.func_overload is used with an mbstring.internal_encoding different from ASCII
 * added a long-syntax for the set tag ({% set foo %}...{% endset %})
 * unit tests are now powered by PHPUnit
 * added support for gettext via the `i18n` extension
 * fixed twig_capitalize_string_filter() and fixed twig_length_filter() when used with UTF-8 values
 * added a more useful exception if an if tag is not closed properly
 * added support for escaping strategy in the autoescape tag
 * fixed lexer when a template has a big chunk of text between/in a block

* 0.9.5 (2010-01-20)

As for any new release, don't forget to remove all cached templates after

If you have defined custom filters, you MUST upgrade them for this release. To
upgrade, replace "array" with "new Twig_Filter_Function", and replace the
environment constant by the "needs_environment" option:

  // before
  'even'   => array('twig_is_even_filter', false),
  'escape' => array('twig_escape_filter', true),

  // after
  'even'   => new Twig_Filter_Function('twig_is_even_filter'),
  'escape' => new Twig_Filter_Function('twig_escape_filter', array('needs_environment' => true)),

If you have created NodeTransformer classes, you will need to upgrade them to
the new interface (please note that the interface is not yet considered

 * fixed list nodes that did not extend the Twig_NodeListInterface
 * added the "without loop" option to the for tag (it disables the generation of the loop variable)
 * refactored node transformers to node visitors
 * fixed automatic-escaping for blocks
 * added a way to specify variables to pass to an included template
 * changed the automatic-escaping rules to be more sensible and more configurable in custom filters (the documentation lists all the rules)
 * improved the filter system to allow object methods to be used as filters
 * changed the Array and String loaders to actually make use of the cache mechanism
 * included the default filter function definitions in the extension class files directly (Core, Escaper)
 * added the // operator (like the floor() PHP function)
 * added the .. operator (as a syntactic sugar for the range filter when the step is 1)
 * added the in operator (as a syntactic sugar for the in filter)
 * added the following filters in the Core extension: in, range
 * added support for arrays (same behavior as in PHP, a mix between lists and dictionaries, arrays and hashes)
 * enhanced some error messages to provide better feedback in case of parsing errors

* 0.9.4 (2009-12-02)

If you have custom loaders, you MUST upgrade them for this release: The
Twig_Loader base class has been removed, and the Twig_LoaderInterface has also
been changed (see the source code for more information or the documentation).

 * added support for DateTime instances for the date filter
 * fixed loop.last when the array only has one item
 * made it possible to insert newlines in tag and variable blocks
 * fixed a bug when a literal '\n' were present in a template text
 * fixed bug when the filename of a template contains */
 * refactored loaders

* 0.9.3 (2009-11-11)

This release is NOT backward compatible with the previous releases.

  The loaders do not take the cache and autoReload arguments anymore. Instead,
  the Twig_Environment class has two new options: cache and auto_reload.
  Upgrading your code means changing this kind of code:

      $loader = new Twig_Loader_Filesystem('/path/to/templates', '/path/to/compilation_cache', true);
      $twig = new Twig_Environment($loader);

  to something like this:

      $loader = new Twig_Loader_Filesystem('/path/to/templates');
      $twig = new Twig_Environment($loader, array(
        'cache' => '/path/to/compilation_cache',
        'auto_reload' => true,

 * deprecated the "items" filter as it is not needed anymore
 * made cache and auto_reload options of Twig_Environment instead of arguments of Twig_Loader
 * optimized template loading speed
 * removed output when an error occurs in a template and render() is used
 * made major speed improvements for loops (up to 300% on even the smallest loops)
 * added properties as part of the sandbox mode
 * added public properties support (obj.item can now be the item property on the obj object)
 * extended set tag to support expression as value ({% set foo as 'foo' ~ 'bar' %} )
 * fixed bug when \ was used in HTML

* 0.9.2 (2009-10-29)

 * made some speed optimizations
 * changed the cache extension to .php
 * added a js escaping strategy
 * added support for short block tag
 * changed the filter tag to allow chained filters
 * made lexer more flexible as you can now change the default delimiters
 * added set tag
 * changed default directory permission when cache dir does not exist (more secure)
 * added macro support
 * changed filters first optional argument to be a Twig_Environment instance instead of a Twig_Template instance
 * made Twig_Autoloader::autoload() a static method
 * avoid writing template file if an error occurs
 * added $ escaping when outputting raw strings
 * enhanced some error messages to ease debugging
 * fixed empty cache files when the template contains an error

* 0.9.1 (2009-10-14)

  * fixed a bug in PHP 5.2.6
  * fixed numbers with one than one decimal
  * added support for method calls with arguments ({{ foo.bar('a', 43) }})
  * made small speed optimizations
  * made minor tweaks to allow better extensibility and flexibility

* 0.9.0 (2009-10-12)

 * Initial release